October 2017 Newsletter
In our last issue, we focused on what private citizens could do to protect themselves while walking. In this issue, we will discuss methods businesses and public gathering venues can utilize to provide protection from these types of threats.
September 2017 Newsletter
Throughout the last year, there have been several instances where terrorist have attempted to inflict injuries by using a vehicle as a weapon, ramming them into crowds of people. Some instances have been perpetrated on city streets during normal daily activities, while others have occurred during special events where large crowds were gathered. Attempting to prevent all such events are monumental tasks for the authorities as well as the private sector...
August 2017 Newsletter
Emergency action plans, also known as emergency procedures help organizations specify what to do in certain dangerous situations. These can include a fire, medical emergency, severe storm, armed robbery, workplace violence event and active shooter situation.
July 2017 Newsletter
In the wake of recent bombings that have occurred throughout the world, many people have grown increasingly concerned about potential suspicious packages. However, an explosive device is just one of the potential dangers a package can contain. Other dangers include chemical, radiological or biological agents. Any of these agents have the potential of inflicting harm to human beings as well as facilities.
June 2017 Newsletter
With the school year coming to a close and summer approaching, many people will be traveling for a vacation. Some will travel out of the country during that time. This often results in people taking public forms of transportation, such as a taxi cab.